Write a new definition of family and marriage

Catholic priests in Rome discussed the changing ways of the family and for the first time openly appeared on issues such as divorce.

Perhaps it is time to completely abandon the principle of family and think about it again. The faster the marriages are breaking up and the way in which many young people are running away from the thought of marriage, it seems like this. The problem is not the ideal of marriage but our wrong priorities.

In the past century Sigmund Freud had written, “It is impossible to get rid of those people who use false standards in general to create an idea. They find strength, fame and success for themselves and others as per their own They appreciate the real values ​​of life and less. ” It seems that nothing has changed since then.

Regardless of whether she is a woman of Moldova, who comes to West Europe in search of work, becomes a clean worker, and in such a situation her children are forced to leave behind or there is no American tycoon who, in her extremely busy routine, For a few hours, I can not even get it right. We all are slaves of an economy that is an enemy of family life. Is not it the tragedy of our time that Steve Jobs had to write his biography to a writer before he died so that his children could take inspiration from his life.

The point is not only to use time or to make economic changes, it is to see how people adopt a sensible attitude towards their partners and children. Regardless of every possible source of knowledge, it is surprising that we prepare young people for the most important decisions of their life. Pope Francis correctly said, “Most people spend more time preparing for an exam than marriage.”

    Why would divorce?
    Blame someone else

    In this law a third person, other than a spouse, may have to pay a heavy fine if found to be responsible for breaking his marriage. In New York, Mississippi and New Mexico, the law enacted in this law applies to the party with the facts that it has broken its marriage due to such a person.


That is why it is no wonder that love has become a game now. Your most intimate relationship has just become a computer game, in which if you fail once, it does not take time to press the exit button, just start the game again.

Looking at all this, it seems that the Catholic priests started the discussion in Rome, it is the right step being taken at the right time. But this is just a start. The beginning of a very big change. None of us are perfect. We have to understand this and be patient and sensitive towards each other. Only then will our struggle move forward in the right direction.

What do you think, are people in our society prepared properly for marriage? Why divorce cases are going on increasing? Share your opinion with us, comment below.