First impression is the last

Most of us and ours have grown up with this saying that your first impression of someone or anything is going to create or break any situation. But is that true too? If you actually give it an idea, then most of us are very awesome in first impressions.

The first impression is the last

Tension, irritation, and pressure to get it right always make things messy. For example, despite being an extrovert personality, I am super fun to meet people. Once after the first time, the awkwardness is over, I usually get very well, but for that, I definitely need a second and third chance.


A first impression is the last impression that we call the biggest lie

And this is true for most people whom we meet. Whenever we meet him, then we know most people better and if you look back for the first time, if you did not give them a chance, then you actually reach the point that you are now. Plus the first impression also depends a lot on the situation, the structure of the mind, and the stage in life are on you.

For example, ten years ago if I met a person who was super good and generous, then I would immediately write to him as Bad. However, now, I take the time to understand them before I make up my mind. If I got stuck on the first impression rule then I would have left a friend now. I bring more changes to learn about a person.