Wedding dream with rustic touches and lots of love

Original Inspiration

Today is a day of original inspiration here! We are going to check out the Editorial. The proposal was to create a climate of romance with rustic and intimate air. All in the largest bohemian climate and surrounded by nature. There is nothing better, right?

Wedding dream

Each detail was selected with great affection, thinking of a ceremony made exclusively for the bride and groom, so that they could realize their dreams, without caring about formalities. A special day, customized and full of meaning for two people.

The images are full of romance, complicity, and laughter. A delight to behold, girls!

great marriage


“The Editorial was created from the will to do something more intimate. Not that the beautiful and luxurious marriages do not thrill, but what makes us sigh are the mini weddings, the elopements, the different marriages,¬†and the very rustic and handcrafted decorations.

After meeting the Valley of Angels, the florist’s farm, the inspirations multiplied and the editorial was taking shape.


The little house with an old air and brick wall, the corridor with works of art, the decorated glass windows, that garden with a breathtaking forest, what a beautiful thing! The name had to be inspired in that place that looks more like a fairy tale. “