Will be positive

If we are traveling, travel is excellent, otherwise taking medicines becomes your body.

So the question was whether the wedding or the wedding should be done. Now, if a boy, then he should also come home-mandatory for example, making tea, washing clothes, making children’s feeds, and ironing on a snack and fancy dress.

There was nothing wrong with those things, but in the past time, all the work was a pleasure to women. For the boy the most important is that if he does a job, he has a car and his own home, and if something is left in the bank, it is a golden thing.

Nowadays, people who are studying and teaching are less and less likely to show it, or at one time only one was convinced and used to take care of family planning and forming ways.

Now if the girl is there, brother beauty is the first grade, then you should read it. And if you earn, it is considered to be a great fortune. The sign of being the best in Samuel Sulayn and the domestic affairs is attributed to the mind, the deity, and the old age.

While this was exactly the opposite. Today, the weddings are also very strange, so there is more of the choice of marriages and when they get married, the most difficulties are to them.

Before getting married, those who eat oaths of fame come out unhealthy and some of them get rid of … “First you used to go everyday to meet the mother of Ami and now you have made a day of choice Is”.

“How long will we stay in a room until the end?” When will you be separated, what is your problem behind the end of my life? Why are you wearing my clothes? “These few phrases we keep listening to in my knees too.

This is what happens in such tasks… Why do not I speak wrong? And the people who have the intention of marriages are very interesting. The job between them is also fascinating.

“It’s your choice, now you just understand how clothes are ironed.” I eat hot bread and goat bread, ask Ami and learn for the next “” “Show more rites.” No need to be brothers in the police, everyone will stop closing.

“Today, go to the Ami … “I do not have the time to polish shoes quickly.” “Take me a separate house or put a TV and a tablet in my room” “Understand your sister, stop me from playing your tongue. ” It will not be good, “writes the author himself, sinking himself into tears and tears.