Best Honeymoon Destinations

St. Lucia

If you’re seeking a luxurious Caribbean honeymoon, look no further than St. Lucia. You’ll find white sand beaches and lush mountains dotted with boutique resorts. If you need a break from the sand, visit the Soufrière area to see natural attractions, such as The Pitons, Sulfur Springs Park, and Diamond Falls Botanical Gardens. 

Hawaii – The Big Island

Whether you’re looking for a relaxing honeymoon or one filled with adventure, Hawaii’s Big Island has you covered. Here, you and your spouse can relax on stunning beaches, hike to spectacular waterfalls, and get an up-close glimpse at an active volcano. You may even score a deal on your room by choosing this island over its neighbors.

Bora Bora

Bora Bora’s jaw-dropping scenery is just the tip of the iceberg – or, rather, the volcano. Newlyweds have their pick of gorgeous beaches and lagoons for sunbathing, snorkeling, and sailing, plus luxurious spas and overwater resorts. Hotel rates on this Tahitian island are high, but can you really put a price on a memorable honeymoon?


If you and your sweetheart truly want to get away from it all, head to the Maldives. This remote island chain overflows with seclusion and romance. Each resort’s extravagant services and amenities will make you never want to leave your private bungalow. When you’re ready to venture out, visit the Maldives’ tranquil beaches and spas.


It’s easy to dial up the romance while honeymooning in Bordeaux, France. In this historic port city, you’ll find a charming downtown area, as well as a serene riverfront with bike paths and greenery. After exploring Bordeaux, head to nearby wineries like Château d’Agassac and Château La Tour Carnet, where you can enjoy tastings inside castles.

Cinque Terre

Although it sees fewer tourists than the Amalfi Coast, this remote coastal region in northwestern Italy features beaches that are more suitable for sunbathing and swimming. Plus, twosomes can enjoy breathtaking views while hiking Cinque Terre’s cliffside trails. But remember, the villages aren’t easily accessible by car, and high-end hotels are limited. Read More »

Amalfi Coast

The colorful villages, steep cliffs, and rugged shoreline along the southwest coast of Italy make for a one-of-a-kind honeymoon destination. Couples can explore on foot or by boat or simply spend their vacation relaxing on one of the region’s 100 beaches. To avoid rubbing elbows with hordes of tourists, try to avoid visiting in the summer.


Fiji’s serene beaches offer complete seclusion for postnuptial relaxation. Luxe resorts and activities like snorkeling with manta rays in the Yasawa Islands and surfing near the Mamanuca Islands will likely experience you and your new spouse won’t soon forget. No trip would be complete without a private couples massage on the beach.


Known for its brilliant sunsets, rich Greek food, and romantic hotels, Santorini is almost tailor-made for newlyweds. Honeymooners can lounge on red and black sand beaches before taking in the ruins at Ancient Akrotiri and Ancient Thera. Wine aficionados will also love sampling vinos at the island’s wineries. Read More »


French Polynesia’s largest island is often passed over by newlyweds, but it’s just as romantic as more popular honeymoon locales. Couples can hole up in secluded resorts and sunbathe on dark sand beaches. For a bit more action, head to Papeete, the island’s capital, to sample world-class French cuisine and revel in the nightlife.


This Hawaiian island offers something for every couple. Luxury resorts and secluded stretches of sand like Salt Pond Beach Park and Haena Beach Park are ideal for those seeking relaxation. Meanwhile, adventurous twosomes can hike through the Napali Coast, explore Waimea Canyon and kayak down the Wailua River.


With jungles to explore, volcanoes to tour, and trails to hike, Maui is a great place to vacation with your new spouse. Couples can sprawl across miles of shoreline or attend a luau with traditional Hawaiian fare, live music, and hula and fire dancing. If you’re in search of the island’s best views, drive along the Road to Hana or splurge on a helicopter tour. 

Tuscany, Italy

From luxury villas to aromatic cuisine, Italy’s countryside teems with romance. Honeymooners can visit less crowded cities like Siena and Lucca before checking out the world-renowned Leaning Tower of Pisa. No matter which Tuscan vacation you choose, you’ll find an abundance of sprawling vineyards and cascading hills. 

Lake Como

This Italian lake’s stunning setting attracts celebrities – and honeymooners – in droves. Couples can pass the time boating, filling up on gourmet Italian cuisine, or simply sunbathing by their five-star hotel’s lakefront pool. To see how the region’s wealthy residents live, duos can tour elegant properties like Villa Carlotta and Villa del Balbianello.

St. Barts

The French Caribbean island of St. Barts offers the best of both worlds: chic hotels and bistros in a laid-back setting. Breathtaking beaches are plentiful here, though each appeals to different kinds of couples. Active newlyweds will love the water sports at Anse de Grand Cul de Sac, while those who desire privacy should visit Anse de Colombier.


Florence is a city renowned for its art, history, and mouthwatering Italian cuisine. Spend your honeymoon walking hand in hand through the labyrinth of stone streets, exploring the greenery of the Boboli Gardens, and gazing at Michelangelo’s David and the Duomo’s ornate cupola. Save your nights for sipping wine.


Corfu’s breathtaking blue water and fragrant olive and citrus trees inspired many famous literary works, including Shakespeare’s “The Tempest.” The Greek island’s picturesque white sands are highly regarded, plus its hotels are generally more affordable than resorts on nearby Santorini, making it a terrific choice for budget-conscious newlyweds.

The British Virgin Islands

Newlyweds who dream of spending their days on the water and their nights in a high-end hotel should consider celebrating their nuptials in the British Virgin Islands. Known for its top-notch sailing and diving, this collection of islands is also home to private island resorts, where duos can cozy up in a hammock and sip cocktails on the beach.


Upscale activities and lavish resorts are the norms in Bermuda. After a romantic walk on a pink sand beach, honeymooners can treat themselves to a couples massage, go shopping at top-notch boutiques or enjoy afternoon tea at a ritzy property. For incredible sunsets and gourmet meals, visit one of the island’s waterfront restaurants.


Mauritius may be off the beaten path, but its turquoise waters, abundant wildlife, and luxe resorts make it an ideal choice for newlyweds. Described by Mark Twain as the inspire

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