Let’s make wife as a best friend

There are two such relationships in the world that the person himself chooses according to his priorities and desires. One is a sincerely chosen friend, while the other living partner is chosen.

The relationship between love, sincerity, trust, and mental harmony is included in its basic conditions. Both of them are related to this house of sand which they want, but how beautiful it is, but eventually it has to be stunned.

While selecting a good friend, it is not necessary that he is also your partner. But when choosing a spouse, it must be sure that he is your friend or not.

While choosing a friend, we may be grateful for these basic terms. But unfortunately, we are not able to bring these terms in any way for the life partner’s choice.

Preferences only include getting anti-virus proportions. This is why one gets anxious after getting closer, which leads to quick or uncontrollable.

One reason for this is that people do not know the primary philosophy of marriage and they get married. Marriage is the name of having a happy life full of happiness with another person like yourself.

Therefore it is important to recognize yourself before you can change it. Understand your goodies and flaws. After being convinced, choose the person with the qualities and problems of your own, so that in the long journey of life, he should always be with you as a strong friend and a good sincere trusted friend.

Remember that your wife has not married you nor has a child to produce, nor to serve them nor to any kind of service as she has escaped from heaven.

He has come to give you life in your life not to be your subordinate. He also has the right to live like you. It does not even have to take permission from anyone to go out of the house like you.

What percentage of the body that they wear not wearing, how much percentage of the left is left open, it depends on its own will. He should have the right to live in the way he wants to live his life.

Give it full freedom. Your wife is not bound to you nor she has come to steal a handicraft for you.

She wants to live with you so that you too scatter the colors in her life. Understand it as a means to fulfill your needs.

There are more friends in the life of a person, but he lives at the same time as it is exactly like that. Understand the wife, not as your true friend.

Just tell me the time you spend time out with happy friends with your best friend. Take a good time with him, laugh it, go out with him. Plan the future with it.

Be assured that after consulting these tips you will never be disappointed with life, but you can enjoy a lifetime and quiet life, but it is important that you should make wife as a best friend.