To give hope

It is not easy for me to doubt myself. In other ways, my life is going very well, maybe it’s enough, maybe I’m not happy with each other.

Every time I say these things to my therapist or friends who know me and love me, they often laugh. Why would not it happen to you? They say It’s just not the right time.

It is so easy for me to give hope to other people. I am sure that my friend who is looking for a job will find something important at any time to know the long-awaited pregnancies, the closing date in the right house, the new friends, the commitments, and the book offers.

Why is it so hard for me to believe that the best things are going to happen to me?

Lately, I’m taking a break from hope. I let other people take it for me. I let my therapist believe that love is around the corner, I let my friends seek to dance at my wedding, and that my family knows with certainty that someone will fall in love with my peculiarities and peculiarities.

It helped me to be lighter and not wait alone. Maybe you should try to. I wait for you.

Maybe you comfort the statistics: the numbers show that most of us will eventually find partners, even if we have to wait a while.

Maybe you prefer anecdotes. Lately, I’ve seen some couples meet in my small town, where it seems that everyone is already married. There is no way to know where and when love attacks.

But maybe you just have to hear someone say: They’ll make it. You are strong and courageous. They have things. You’re adorable. You’re just a guy. They are the answer to the prayers that someone has been waiting for. I only know

Believe me, I know waiting is difficult. I do not blame you if you want to take a break to carry the weight of hope. Give it to your friends and give it to your therapist if you have one.

You may find that you are better without it. I am sure that the cessation of concern will not preclude your meeting with a great person. Maybe you can see it more clearly without worrying if your path is cut with yours.

So leave the stress, the doubts, and the hustle and bustle. Embrace the true hope that is calm and confident.

We believe that everything is fine and that in the end everything will be fine and we will see how it feels. Relax knowing that you are already loved and kind as if it were a hot bath.

Do not forget to treat yourself with kindness: prepare something delicious to eat, wear your favorite sweater, play your favorite car in the car, go out with friends, or sleep a bit earlier.

Remember that you are your best partner, no matter how great the future partner is. They may love you until the moon and back, but they will never know you as well as you. Give an example of how it should be treated. Be generous with you.

They always say that love happens when you do not look for it. For many of us, this is a completely ridiculous claim. Even when I am more satisfied, I can not imagine that I do not want a partner. My eyes still spin when a new man enters the room.

I can not put out that part of me that wants to fall in love.

Maybe you can not, so do not do it. You will not block love by waiting for it when talking about it, as little as you put it when you play shy.

When it comes to that, you may still be surprised how or when, or who, but you do not care if you open the door wide and see how it arrives.

For my part, I left the door open with a note on the screen. Let yourself in I’m ready, wrapped in hope.