Hear A Confirm YES Of Your Proposal

If you like a relationship with Marriage Matchbook, you can start talking through Messaging. We tell you some real ways that will take you to the front floor easily.

Candlelight dinner

If dinner is a matter of discussion, dinner can make your hard work easier and you can see each other closer.

One day on the farmhouse with the family

Here you will find a quiet opportunity to keep your heart and family can also meet each other that completes the relationship.

A picnic on the river

It’s a good, cheapest and easy way to communicate

Sunset on a beach

The arc of a beach makes any human romantic and there is more chance to hear yes here than in a busy life

Direct message on Shaadi Matchbook

You also do MESS and if there is no answer then you have hundreds of opportunities

Use nature to your advantage.

Creating a heavenly setup amidst the woods with everything lit-up and flowers can never go wrong.

For a lovely proposal idea.

A heart of roses outlined with electric candles, a “Will You Marry Me” and lots of flowers make it easy without saying any word.

Don’t hesitate your feature depend on your married life all advantages, disadvantages and thought used for the decision. When you confirm the go-ahead.

In case of rejection and dislike, you have lot of option on shaadimatchbook.com