Tips to connect with anyone

Each relationship begins with a connection. This is how friendships begin and love grows.

Knowing how to connect with others helps us to be better friends, better lovers, better parents, better companions, better leaders.

Knowing how to connect with others allows us to create a greater impact on people’s lives and greatly enrich our lives.

The connection also allows us to grow professionally, because it helps us get closer to others, both to conclude business, and to encourage our work colleagues, to communicate more effectively.

Connecting with people like us is relatively easy. When we have interests and common character aspects, it is all in all simple to create a connection; however, connecting with people who are very different from us can be quite difficult.

We cannot always pretend to relate to people with whom the connection is easily born, indeed: often we have to face individuals with whom it is very difficult to get in connection, but succeeding is fundamental.

A positive relationship with a work colleague, with the boss, with a client, with a child, with a student, with a neighbor, and even with our partner depends on this.

How to connect with the people you know

Being able to establish connections will allow you to start relationships on the right foot, to solve problems, and to progress in your personal and professional life more likely to succeed.

Below we propose effective methods to succeed.

Be careful

A gesture as basic as listening to the other and paying attention to them can be the solution to connect with him from the first moment and to keep this connection alive. If you actively listen to your interlocutor, you will send him a clear message: “I care about you”.

Similarly, when you do not listen or do not seem attentive, the other will receive the opposite message: “I don’t care, you are not important enough for me to stop doing what I am doing to pay attention to you”.

It is important that you search and maintain a visual connection with your interlocutor so that the listening is active and you actually look like it.

People who look into the eyes are able to connect better with others because, by doing so, they manifest interest, respect, and security.

Furthermore, it is important that you ignore all external elements that threaten to interrupt the conversation. For example, instead of answering the phone or reading the messages on your mobile phone as soon as you receive the notification, put your phone in a “silent” mode. If anyone is looking for you, kindly tell them to wait.

Look for feedback and ask questions
To improve your ability to connect with others, it is important that you seek feedback. An effective way of doing this is by asking questions. The questions that point to the knowledge of the other are a good technique since people love to talk about themselves.

When we give others the opportunity to talk about themselves and listen to them actively, we allow them to open up to us, to share the best of themselves, to show themselves for what they are or how they want to be seen.