People who are afraid of being single or staying alone

Contrary to those who want to find the ideal person and want to know if the person with whom they share their lives is the one that suits them.

There are others who do not even dare to associate romantically with someone and much less acquire a marriage commitment for fear of failure.

According to scholars of this behavior, these individuals are called anuptaphobic, which is nothing more than a phobia.

Anuptaphobia is the pathology that is associated with the fear of getting married or being single.

It is characterized by manifesting itself in shy people, with low self-esteem and insecurity.

And sometimes fear is influenced by people who think that getting married leads to failure.

Those affected are disappointed people who are often thinking that nobody cares about them.

Therefore, in order to avoid this anguish, the individual tends to devote himself to studying countless careers or exercising long working hours.

The problem requires psychological attention.