Skincare before the wedding you should not forget

To get to the big day with perfect skin there are certain cares that you have to perform and some aspects you should remember. It is best that you start with time and that the beauty routines are regular. Wanting to discover them all?

In the same way that you are using yourself thoroughly with all the wedding details that you will give to the guests, if you want your wedding dress to feel phenomenal there is one aspect that you should not forget: caring for your skin. Perfection is not just betting on incredible wedding shoes and a wonderful bouquet. A must is that your skin is healthy and looks bright, and getting it is a matter of following a few simple steps. Take note of these beauty secrets!

Professional face care

Arriving at your big day with a luminous and well-groomed skin is a simple task that you should start doing as soon as possible because the skin has memory and will appreciate every gesture you dedicate. A very good idea is to go to a specialized aesthetic center. Among its simplest treatments are facial cleansing, with which all blackheads and pimples will be removed. If recommended, you can opt for a peel that renews the outermost layers of the skin, eliminating blemishes and imperfections. You can perform a mechanical peel (with brushes, rollers or sandpaper) or a chemical peel (applying chemicals, usually acidic).

The gold plates with collagen, for its part, deeply moisturize the skin cells, giving it a firmer. Similarly, radiofrequency is a facial rejuvenation technique that achieves results similar to those of the known facelift, without having to go through the operating room. Get good advice and choose the professional treatment that suits you according to your age and the state of your skin.

Daily routines

In addition to the treatments you can perform in the hands of professionals, it is important to follow certain guidelines at home :

  • Use sunscreen every day. The sun is one of the causes of skin aging. Therefore, a good way to protect the skin is to use a moisturizer (or a makeup base) with sunscreen. But do not limit yourself to using these products in the warmer months, but use them year-round, regardless.
  • Clean the skin before going to bed and remove any trace of makeup or cosmetic that you have worn during the day. A good cleansing cream (or micellar water) and a tonic that refreshes are two steps that should be part of your daily beauty routines.
  • The most important thing is hydration. Following these cares and with a good moisturizer, your skin will regenerate at night from the aggressions of the day: sun, pollution, wind … There are special creams with serums or concentrates that are applied just after cleaning the skin and accelerating said hydration. The result is a younger and brighter complexion.

Pamper the skin of your body

Have you decided on a wedding dress with a sweetheart neckline? Surely you want the skin of this area to be perfect to wear the bridal suite without complexes. Or maybe you have chosen to wear a short wedding dress and show off your legs. No matter what part of the body is most exposed, you need it to be smooth and free of imperfections. The steps to get it are simple:

  • Hydrate your skin by drinking water. The skin contains between 15 and 20% of the water in our body. Therefore, a basic rule for quality (and firm) skin is to try to maintain the highest percentage of water possible. Drink at least 1.5 liters of this liquid daily. It is a simple step and with excellent results. It never fails!
  • Take care of your diet. Have you heard the phrase “We are what we eat”? Our daily diet directly influences our skin, our hair, and our nails. A diet low in fruits and vegetables will cause the body to lack vitamins and, therefore, the skin will be dull and less luminous. Alcohol and tobacco consumption can also negatively influence proper hydration and increase psoriasis problems.
  • Aesthetic treatments. For markings and spots on the back and shoulders, both peeling treatments and pulsed or laser light treatments can be performed. As always, the most important thing is to listen to the advice of professionals who can recommend the most effective treatment for each particular case.
  • Apply moisturizer daily. It is something fundamental! You should incorporate this routine into your daily toilet and do it after taking a shower or bath. You will have a smooth and perfect body skin.

Be careful with your arms!

A wedding dress with illusion neckline, V, heart, boat, halter … Regardless of its neckline, most current designs are committed to dispensing with sleeves, which leads many fiancees to focus on caring for your arms. In addition to applying beauty products with active ingredients to reduce sagging, to maintain its elasticity and smoothness it is also very important to perform firming exercises at home or in the gym. A few small weights and a few minutes a day will be enough to achieve perfect, defined and well-toned arms.

Pay special attention to your hands

The hands will be the focus of all eyes when you show your alliance to the attendees and when the photographer immortalizes you wearing the vintage wedding bouquet you have chosen for the occasion. That is why you must take care of them so that they look splendid on day B. Hydrating them is essential. To do this, use a specific cream for this area of ​​the body appropriate to your skin type. In case you have them especially dry, ask about the convenience of doing a glycerin treatment. And don’t forget to take care of your nails. Surely your beautician will make you a perfect manicure while nourishing the nails and taking care of their appearance. He looks amazing hands!

Looks wonderful feet

If the original wedding shoes for which you have opted are open or the destiny of your honeymoon is the beach, then one more fundamental task on your list should be to take well-groomed feet. To achieve this, it will be enough for you to dry and hydrate well after each bath. Also, avoid wearing new shoes the weeks before the wedding, since any scratch will leave marks that can last a few days. It is also advisable that you go to an aesthetic center the day before the link, which will allow you to wear a heart attack pedicure at your magical wedding date.

Maybe you have already started taking care of your skin and you just need to continue with your daily routines. In any case, remember that a wedding is a very special occasion, so you should pamper even the smallest detail: the bridal bouquet, jewelry, and other accessories and, of course, a successful wedding hairstyle … Do not neglect anything, not what others see or what only you see but that will make you walk steadily to the altar. You will be gorgeous!