Marriage Advice – A wish to hear

Marriage can sometimes be a difficult thing and both spouses must work on it with equal dedication. People whose relationships have not had a good outcome feel quite reluctant to share the mistakes they have made.

She remains her boyfriend, even after marriage

The most important thing to remember is that you should never take your partner for granted. Always remember all the promises you made when you asked him to be your wife and try to keep the man to whom he said: “Yes.” Do not become lazy.

She remains her boyfriend, even after marriage

Protect your heart as much as it does

Take care of your heart as much as you take care of hers. Love the world, love yourself, but keep a special place in your heart where no one can enter besides your wife. Keep it ready to always receive it there and never let anyone else occupy this place.

Fall in love with her again and again

People change, they never remain the same over time and you are no exception. Both are already quite different from what they were when they got married, and in 5 years they will be different from what they are today. Changes are inevitable and will make you re-elect you again and again. Therefore, she always struggles to win her heart again, otherwise, she can give it to someone else.

Don’t try to change it

Your task is to love her as she is. And if it changes, you must accept it that way, no matter what it has become and if you like it or not.

See the best of her every day

Focus on the things you love about her and these things will expand. If you focus on what you don’t like about her or something that bothers you, these things will also expand. So focus on what you love most about her to be completely convinced and, without a doubt, understand that you are the luckiest man in the world to have her as your life partner.

Never blame her for something that made you angry

They are your emotions, so try to contain them. Just because something from the outside world is causing you (your work, your friends, etc.) does not mean that she deserves to see your negative emotions. Treat your negativity yourself: what you can do is ask for advice or go to it with a good attitude. Once you relax, you will no longer exploit her for things that happened to you and that have no relation to your marriage.

Control your own emotions

It’s not your job to make you happy and she can’t make you sad either. It is you who is obliged to find your own happiness and share it with her. Rejoice in your life, enjoy your relationship, and never overreact.

Always be funny …

Do not take this life too seriously. Remember that there must be time to relax, laugh, and make her laugh. Laughter illuminates the things that surround us and makes our life easier.

Always be funny

Let it be

Don’t try to fix your wife when she feels frustrated, or upset; All you have to do is show your support and let him know that everything is fine. Make sure you listen to her and that she is aware of it, and remind her that you are the person she can always trust and she can rely on. The emotions of women are like the tides: one day they are high, the next day they are low, so stay strong and never judge her. It will help build that trust and this link will allow you to open your soul for you. Never run away from their conversations, especially when she is upset. Stay present, stay strong, and make sure you won’t leave her while she needs you.

Be present

It is not only your time that you should give it, but also your attention, your focus, and your soul. Clear your mind and head of everything else when you’re with her. Treat her like a queen because she is the queen of your heart.

Appreciate your soul and fill it daily

Learn all the ways that make her feel valuable, dear, and important. Speak to your love language. Ask her to make a list of 10 things that can help her feel appreciated and follow this list so she feels like a queen.

Don’t act like an idiot

But at the same time, don’t be afraid to be an idiot because we all make mistakes. Both you and she are no exception. Anyway, try to limit the number of mistakes as much as possible and learn the lessons from those mistakes you couldn’t avoid. You are not supposed to be perfect, but at least try not to be too stupid.

Don't act like an idiot

Be willing to give him the power of your masculinity

Prepare to devour it, fill it, love it sexually with all the masculinity you have. Let him feel wanted and make sure he can trust you completely.

Be vulnerable

You don’t have to be strong all the time. Share your feelings, worries, and even fears with her, as well as tell her the mistakes you have made.

She needs space, so give it to her

Women are perfect to give, but sometimes they need time to nourish themselves, to reach their source of good emotions, and to feed their souls. So, give your wife this opportunity when she is too tired to serve you, your children, and even herself. Trust that she will come back to you with even more energy, focused, renewed, and ready to sing new songs.

Be completely open and transparent with her

You can build trust between the two, but only if you’re ready to share everything with her, including things you don’t want to share. It takes courage to do this because you tend to show only your coolest side and you never feel sure if she will like your dark side too. But if you want to feel all the dimensions of his love, take off the mask and show him who you really are.

Keep growing together

Only the water that flows is cold and fresh, the stagnant waters smell bad and cause diseases. The same goes for humans: the muscles become weak if you don’t exercise them, the brain becomes less polite if you stop learning and relationships get weaker if you don’t work on them. Find something that both of you like, set dreams and goals in common, and work for them.

Forgive instantly

Never stick to their offenses, leave them in the past, and don’t take them with you into your future. If you continue to hold on to them, they will anchor your relationship and retain it. It is forgiveness that will help cut this heavy anchor and help you move forward.

It is not worth worrying about money

Money is a game, so find your methods and ways to win it. Become a teammate, find ways to succeed, and move on.

Choose love … always!

Prioritize love and choose it always. Perhaps that is the main advice you need. If you always consider it, there is nothing that can shake your relationship. Love always wins.

Already follow any of these tips? What do you think is the key to a strong and loving relationship? We would love to read your opinions in the comments section!