A happy thought and you will fly

Happy Thought

The decision to leave Vogue has been like leaving my parent’s house. It gives vertigo and at the same time, it is an exciting project. It is very sad and at the same time, you know that life goes on.

It will always be my house, where I have been taught everything, where I have grown personally and professionally, where they have spoiled me and made it easy for me.

A house where I have laughed like a crazy woman, where I have spent seven years of successes and bumps, fears and joys that will always mark a before and after in my life. A house that I am proud of and grateful to have been part of.

The most difficult thing, without a doubt, is going to be separated from the team. I have spent a nostalgic Christmas without knowing how to say goodbye.

Happiness creates a habit and then it costs a lot to live without it. I have had the immense luck of having shared a keyboard with the best professionals, the most inspiring people I will ever meet on a human and professional level.

All of them came to my head when I went back to see the Peter Pan movie with my nephews the other day. A happy thought and you will fly. You will remember the phrase.

I confessed that I was doing a wedding blog under a pseudonym. I was interviewing to sign up for Vogue.es at the Tomato Bar. “Wedding?” He took a long drink of juice and said, “I’ve read it sometime. I think we can include it among the Vogue.es blogs. ” An act of faith that changed my life and for which I will always be very grateful.

That day I learned that sometimes, even if what you do seems ridiculous, it can become something great heard by the right people.

Then the happy thoughts are piling up: all the times I’ve laughed with Mario Ximénez, what I’ve learned from the whole fashion team, especially from Sara Fernández. The online team of a few years ago: Ceci, Marti, María, Anita, Marina, Flora, Vero Román, and Marín. We live in a golden age.

The one of: “I’m going to go down for a coffee to the Basil, does anyone want something?” The current online team MJ, Patricia, Andrea, las Anas, Nuala, Alba, Bea, Nuria, Garbiñe, Eva. They are a gifted generation of which I have only learned things. The one of: “I go for a coffee to Vienna, does anyone want something to come up?” The Molinas.

The opportunity that Eugenia de la Torriente gave me to coordinate two issues of Vogue Brides, the nightmares that I made a pass to those of model with my disorder, the illusion of getting a Valentino on the cover. The little routines: Marina’s voice every day “I take a moment to smoke”.

The voice notes with Marta Hurtado crying with laughter commenting on events. On Sundays, I wish that Monday would come to discuss a topic and know everyone’s opinion. “You have to put it to manini.” The day we all went to My Little Momó or Christmas we had dinner at Muta.

The stimulating meetings with Paola Portela and Raquel Plaza, always with new projects for the blog, and her infinite patience with my conditions. Calls to Marga. Pregnancies and births. The anguished calls to the right man.

The nights of Vogue Fashion Night Out with Azahara. The blog of Néstor. The game of who would you prefer? The portraits that Elena Olay and Mónica Suárez did to me. The invisible friends, the Christmas dinners. The day that, being a little sad, Cecilia Castro sent me a beautiful bouquet that said: flowers do not fix anything but with them, everything is better.

The crazy party of Hermés in Barcelona with Marieta Torres, Mario, and Inés. The excitement every time that the Vogue Paris ‘special brides’ with Gema and Ana went out.

The nights of the Oscars with hydrazides. Laughs with Nuria talking about models for the brides. Sing with Vito, Berta, and Mario in the car, three that we would have never met but for Vogue. The conversations with Bethlehem about the communion of Juliet. All the times that Ana Morales remembered that I loved volume shampoos and Germinal blisters and she left them with a little note on the table.

The unforgettable trips that changed my life: Buenos Aires, New York, Festival de Cannes, Glasgow, Bordeaux with Vicky Chavarri, and Berta Bernard. Discussions with Javier Aznar about movies and books, following My Little Pleasures.