7 tips for a mature marriage

Mature Marriage

Marriage is to love. And love is a decision, not a feeling. Love is a donation. The measure of love is the capacity for sacrifice. The measure of love is to love without measure. Who does not know how to die, does not know how to love. Do not forget: love is a reward in itself. To love is to seek the good of the other: the greater the good, the greater the love. Children are the fullness of married love


  1. True love does not expire. It stays fresh and lasts until death, even though all cohabitation eventually brings problems. Love, love today, and tomorrow. The whim, only love today. Marriages are like museum vases: the more years and wounds they have, the more they are worth, as long as they remain intact. Support the wounds and the lime of time, and stay in one piece is what gives them more value. Love works wonders.
  2. All marital fidelity must pass through the most demanding test: that of duration. Fidelity is constancy. In life, you have to choose between the easy or the right. It is easy to be consistent some days. Right to be consistent throughout life.
  3. It is easy to be coherent in the hour of joy, the right to be in the hour of the tribulation. The coherence that lasts throughout life is called fidelity. It is right to love in difficulty because it is when you need it most.
  4. Seneca said: “If you want to be loved, love.” True love seeks in the other not something to enjoy, but someone to make happy.
  5. The happiness of your partner must be your own happiness.
  6. You have not married a body, you have married a person, who will be happy loving and being loved. You do not marry to be happy. You marry to make your partner happy.
  7. Marriage is not “martyrdom.” It depends on you that conjugal life is not like a besieged fortress, in which, according to the saying, “those who are outside, would like to enter, but those who are inside, would like to leave “
  8. Married love is like a bonfire, it goes out if you do not feed it. Each memory is a food of love.
  9. Think a lot about your partner. Look at their virtues and forgive their faults. May love to be in your uniform. To love is to make the beloved exist forever. To love is to say: “You, thanks to me, you will not die”.
  10. To persevere in love until death, live the three “Des”