Woman self respect quotes

7 things woman self-respect will not tolerate in a relationship

She will not tolerate disrespect in any form, even if it is shown in relation to other people.

If you have never met a strong, self-respecting woman before, then you may experience some surprise.

Many of your old “tricks” that you used in relation to your previous partners will not work with her.

A truly strong woman who does not need a partner to feel full often scares men. But if you are lucky enough to meet such a woman, do not be afraid of her. It’s just worth knowing about how you should not behave in a relationship with such a girl. So, no need …

1. To lie

It’s not worth lying in any way – it’s obvious. But a strong woman is especially sensitive to the fact of deception by her partner.

We are talking about all kinds of lies: from harmless (seemingly) deception about the amount of alcohol consumed after work to try to hide the romance on the side.

Do not lie to your partner. And if a strong woman catches you in a lie, you are likely to greatly regret it.

The best thing you can do in this situation is to admit your mistake, tell her why you decided to lie and apologize for your behavior.

2. Be disrespectful

Such a woman will not tolerate disrespect in any form, even if it is shown in relation to other people.

One of the best ways to demonstrate to your strong partner that you are a person worthy of her strength is to show respect for others.

This means being thankful for the services that you have in restaurants and shops, being polite both to strangers and to your loved ones. This means your ability to do criticism in a respectful manner.

Even in very stressful situations, disrespect is never the right choice.

3. Fear of responsibility for their actions

Another way strong women demonstrate their strength is the ability to take responsibility for the situation, regardless of the circumstances.

They know that they are responsible for their behavior, whatever the consequences.

People who constantly justify their behavior, for example: “He cut me on the road, I had to show him the middle finger!” – simply avoid responsibility for their actions.

Self-respecting women understand that such people just make excuses. If you find that you regularly try to find an excuse, it will soon begin to noticeably affect your relationship with your partner.

4. Demonstrate self-doubt

Uncertainty manifests itself in different ways.

One of the most common signs of self-doubt is jealous behavior. And if it is not controlled, it can literally destroy the relationship.

Strong women do not like to be near people who demonstrate insecurity and all the other symptoms of low self-esteem: pettiness, hostility, and the inability to see positive aspects in people.

If you are fortunate enough to have a relationship with a strong woman, then the best you can do is rely on their moral compass and leave your insecurity outside the door.

5. Do not keep your word

One of the features of worthy features of partners, which often goes unnoticed, is reliability.

Reliable and trustworthy personalities these days are a rare commodity, since many modern people when they are late for a meeting or a date, resort to such banal excuses as “Oh, I just still can not grow up.”

If you do not keep your promises from time to time, you kind of says that you value your time more than the time of any other person. And such behavior will not contribute at all to the development of your relationship.

6. Do not provide support

Self-respecting women believe in their abilities and in themselves, therefore they are able to sincerely rejoice for other people and their achievements.

If you are dating a strong woman and cannot support her, you should reconsider your priorities. Being too busy is no excuse.

It is always necessary to support her successes – and not because she needs support, but because you are proud of her work and admire her achievements.

7. Demonstrate “toxic masculinity”

Men begin to show “toxic masculinity” when they feel the need to show their sexuality at every turn.

This leads to the fact that men begin to lead as “males”, belittling others.

Real men do not need to constantly assert themselves at the expense of others  their strong, self-confident personality is ideal for a woman with self-esteem.