Homemade beauty tips and tricks for brides

Check out tips and tutorials related to skin and hair care that will make you even more beautiful for your wedding without you having to leave the house (Danielly Oliveira)

If you have a figure that does not go unnoticed at a wedding, this is the bride, whether it is to know which model of the chosen dress, to be moved with the moment, or to notice how beautiful and happy she is that day. Homemade beauty tips and tricks for brides

However, organizing a wedding is not a very simple task. With concerns focused on the details of planning and the stress that the entire organization can generate, the beauty of your skin and hair can be harmed.

So it is important to start planning the ceremony in advance and to set aside at least a week to take care of yourself.

It is quite a common idea that the bride should spend the big day in a salon getting ready for the ceremony, however, in addition to requiring an investment, the atmosphere of the salon may also not be very peaceful.

Check out homemade recipes to enhance your beauty, take care of yourself in the comfort of your own home, and stay radiant on your wedding day while spending little.

Face care

A lush and well-groomed skin is the first step to achieving the perfect make-up on the big day, check out some tricks to conquer great skin without leaving home:

Banana, papaya, and grape mask

The mixture of these ingredients promises to revitalize your skin and make it brighter. To make at home, just add the fruits and beat them until they form a consistent paste and apply to the skin.

When it comes to stains, a solution can be a papaya-based mask. Papaya is a fruit that has vitamin C, a substance capable of lightening blemishes and evens skin tone, in addition, the fruit has antioxidant function and enzymes that stimulate collagen production, which contributes to skin renewal.

There are two ways to achieve the advantages offered by papaya, through direct contact of the fruit on the skin in circular movements or through a mask produced by the combination of papaya and honey.

If you choose to use the mask, the mixture should be made in a 2: 1 ratio, that is, for every two tablespoons of crushed papaya, add 1 spoon of honey. It is necessary to leave the mask on for 10 minutes on dry skin and rinse the face thoroughly.

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Lips scrub with honey and sugar

Moisturized and soft lips can be the big secret when applying the perfect lipstick, so a lip scrub can help. The mixture of sugar and honey is a good option, always taking care not to make sudden movements.

Watch the video to follow the tutorial for preparing and applying this scrub.

Facial scrub with oats

As the face has more sensitive skin, the exfoliation of sugar and honey can be aggressive. Therefore, an alternative to exfoliate the face with a less invasive trick is the exfoliation made with rolled oats, because in addition to being smoother, oats nourish the skin.

The scrub is made using two tablespoons of oats and the same measure of honey. The mixture should be applied to the skin using gentle circular movements and then removed with water.

Ice mask

Dipping your face in an ice bucket is a great option to activate the skin and leave it with more life. In addition, an ice bath helps to close pores and fix makeup.

Tip for dark circles with cucumbers

To get rid of dark circles a tip is to invest in a cucumber mask or just mobil porno put slices of cucumber over your eyes. In addition to lightening the eye region, cucumber brings hydration and softness to the skin and helps fight aging.

Tip for dark circles with a spoon

Another alternative to combat dark circles is using a cold spoon. Cold reduces blood vessels, which reduces the dark appearance and swelling of that region of the eyes.

The trick is to leave two spoons in the refrigerator before going to sleep. When lifting, check their temperature and position them over the lower part of the eyes.

Tip for swelling problem

A very simple trick to reduce puffiness in any region of the face and soothe the skin is to use the power of chamomile. The plant helps to bring life, moisturize, and soothe the skin as a whole.

Dark circles, pimples, and skin irritations can be combated with cold chamomile compresses. Make the tea, leave it in the refrigerator, and apply the compress on the spot.

In addition to the skin benefit, chamomile tea can help you stay calm on the big day, so it is worth drinking the tea.

Trick to get rid of blackheads

To achieve smoother and more uniform skin, before investing in the shine and texture of the skin, it is interesting to invest in ways to make it cleaner and free of impurities.

If the problem is blackheads, a tip is to invest in a charcoal mask. You can find the mask to buy, but if your intention is to save money, learn how to prepare your own blackhead remover mask in the video.

Depending on the dress model, the skin may be exposed and in these cases, it is worth investing in body care. In addition, keeping your body skin soft and shiny is a trick to look good in photos and bring subtle touches of care and natural beauty.

See how to take care of your body while spending less and in the comfort of your home and check out tips to relax and look better before the big day.

Scald feet

Foot scalding is a way to relax and at the same time moisturize your feet, leaving them soft and lush. The essential for a scalding foot is hot water, however, it is possible to add some elements to enhance the relaxing and moisturizing effects of the technique.

Some elements that can help: relaxing herbs such as lavender, chamomile, and mint, some textured elements such as marbles or coarse salt, which in addition to texture brings balance.

The technique can be performed on any type of skin and it is recommended to leave your feet immersed in the mixture for 30 minutes, a massage can be a good idea to leave complete relaxation.

Body scrub with honey and sugar

The mixture of sugar and honey is great for exfoliating the body, remembering that the movements must be smooth so as not to hurt your skin. In addition to the benefits of exfoliation, honey helps to shine, nourish, and moisturize the skin.


To achieve a post-beach effect and a healthier look, it is possible to invest in self-tanners. Although it is a simple tip and it works, it is very important to be careful when performing this procedure so as not to have a negative effect.

In the case of brides, a tip is to test the technique some time (more or less 1 month) before the ceremony so that you can know the effect and what is the right amount for the mixture and application.

Benefits of avocado mask

Avocado is a great ingredient when it comes to hydration, as it is a fruit rich in vitamin B.

To use it on the hair the recipe is as follows: mash the pulp of 1 avocado and mix it with 1 spoon of honey and 1 spoon of extra virgin olive oil, apply on damp hair paying special attention to each strand.

Then just attach the wires, wrap them in a thermal cap and let the mask act for 30 minutes. To remove, just wash your hair normally, taking care only with the water temperature: it must be cold or warm.

Moisturizing mask with aloe vera
Aloe vera, also known as Aloe vera, is a plant that has numerous advantages for the skin and hair, after all, it moisturizes, protects the skin against sunlight, speeds up the healing process and helps in the treatment of dandruff and hair loss.

To apply to the hair it is possible to mix the pulp of aloe vera with a cream, olive oil or apply it pure. See more details about this hydration in the following video:

Shine bath

The shine bath is a type of hydration that in addition to softness brings luminosity to the hair. It can be done by using a toning + cream mixture, but it is possible to prepare a shine bath without using any type of paint and thus avoiding changes in the tone of your hair.

This recipe is made by mixing honey, a moisturizing mask,s and any product with a concentration of dexpanthenol. See more details about this procedure in the following video:

Fixed split ends the problem

One thing that no bride wants on her wedding day is for frizz and split ends to appear. Of course, a fixative spray can solve this, but if your intention is to go up to the altar with natural hair or dance all night, it is possible that these little threads will appear.

Learn in the video a trick to get rid of these unruly strands without having to touch the length of your hair:

In addition to these treatments, it is very important to remember that food directly contributes to the beauty of the skin and hair, so in addition to these homemade tricks, it is necessary to maintain a balanced diet before the ceremony and do not forget to enjoy each moment intensely, after all, the happiness it is contagious and makes everything more beautiful!