Helpful thinking when plan a wedding

Plan A Wedding

Normally a wedding and its arrangement is not an easy thing, we tend to think if we have everything planned in our minds, and our ideas about our big day are clear: it will be easy.

Well, truth be told … IT IS NOT. To keep your sanity intact, and be clear … here are some things you should keep in mind when planning your wedding. If your mind is calm, come what may … it does not seem so bad.

Your marriage is as difficult and complicated as you are. Trust me on that, ladies.

Please do not kill yourself about something that may be easier for you and everyone else. It’s good to dream and have a plan, but finding the middle ground between what you want and what makes sense is VERY important.

Things will never be exactly as you expect.

I hope for the best but be prepared for the worst. Things do not go, and they do not go the way you like them. Remember, if that does not work the way you wanted it to (even if you tried it) … It’s okay. Same! It may be better for you, and it may be better than you think.

Optimized And Productive

However, if something is COMPLETE harm (it happened to me, I promise) then: Damage Control. Giving an attack, creating panic, and worrying about your family members is a big no-no. Find solutions, focus on what could be done. Weddings are all about problem-solving.

Alternate Plan

If you were in danger of having planned something out of the box or something that you are not sure about, then ALWAYS HAVE The NEXT PLAN. Many times, unique and non-standard things do not work as you imagine them to be and in the case, your plan fails, you do not harm. Instead, you’re like: ‘I already have the next plan! “

Do Not Compare Anyone

That’s how SUPER important. DO NOT compare your marriage to best or close relatives, your friend’s friend, or your cousin. You will kill yourself and what you want in the process. You will see weddings, dances, entrances, decorations, dresses, etc and you will wish yours to be exactly the same! BUT NOT. Your marriage is yours and it is not a competition. Do what suits you and your family. I mean, it’s good to have inspiration and ideas, but please do not kill yourself by trying to compete with someone. Not worth it. (Trust me, this is the trickiest tip to follow). Every time you start wishing and getting defective because of someone else’s marriage … STOP. THINK. Do you really need to?

Family Matters

Your wedding is your wedding, yes. But family matters.
When you are the bride, you think it’s your wedding, then it’s YOUR WAY OR THE ROAD. Well, believe me, you’ll get attention without that attitude too. Your family has dreams and plans in their marriages as well. Listen to them and consider them. You will constantly feel the pressure of your family members and even friends etc but take it easy. You can not make everyone happy, but you have to listen to them and try to balance that.

Think Yourself

It is not okay to keep your feelings bottled up. Talk about them. Find someone who understands and talks about their feelings. Make sure you express everything you look for in the marriage and see if you can come to an agreement. Bottling will only lead you to cry yourself to sleep in bed .. or throwing a bride-dress fit one day.