Happiness in Life

Happiness is not a nirvana (ideal), which can be set as targets and can be reached with a few simple behavioral changes and new habits, or more aggressively.

The person has an effect on adopting the right philosophy of life and gaining the conditions and perspective that will create happiness.

What is being sought is a spontaneous award for being able to see the cruelty and perfection of the world together, as well as being realistic and pragmatist as well as emotional and naive.

All the works and thoughts that give and suggest the development of human beings should not skip respecting the nature of change. My goal is: Change is slow, change is difficult. No change is created by going over or very desirable.

Let’s try to understand the change in human psychology and try to understand more. First of all, we know this well, the change that we call a person, that is to move the value judgments against life, accordingly thinking in relation to different relationships from the past – to make inferences, to give different reactions to similar situations and finally to feel different, an important time and cost of exertion.

How the institutions and legal entities change is often the same for the human inner world, both when they require very good planning, and in the case of time and operational efficiency.

Our minds and related perceptions have developed responses that we believe are true for every possible situation we encounter in our daily life, and these reactions are often automatically selected from a portfolio that we think is appropriate.

When we see a beggar on the street, the reactions we give are more specific and characteristic. We don’t waste the energy to think about how to react every time – reflexes. The reactions we make when paying an account in a restaurant, the use of body language and words are more or less obvious and characteristic. It has also been re-flexed.

Here we refer to the change that we are referring to as human beings, that is, character change, attitude change, feeling, and thought change, which means the demolition and reconstruction of all our reflexes related to our lives. For this reason, the period of change itself is difficult, painful, consumes a lot of spiritual energy and resources.

Another analogy that engineers will like, character change is the redesign and reorganization of the database operation on which all systems are built.

Don’t believe those who promise cheap exchange. When it comes to personal development, every valuable gain requires an effort of the same magnitude.

Understanding how difficult change can be, how much consumers can be on personal mental resources is the most basic preparation. Now let’s see what is in our control and what is out of control.

Obviously, it is not surprising that personal development, as a literary genre, leaves a negative taste in most people with critical thinking habits. Of course, we all expect things from life, happiness, power, glory, glory, fame, respect, etc.

But we are not prepared to see what these costs are or to pay their costs. Here, without mentioning these eras difficult düşen dimensions of the work, the people and the works that tell about the prizes that can be reached with positive thinking or mystical actions, play the role of their superiors in maintaining a sweet dream.

I do not ask such questions, such as difficult questions, and do not give the reader a chance to confront his / her personal ideas of personal development or works; It is non-curative but it is like painkillers or antidepressants that feel good in a few hours. They don’t provide any cure or healing, they offer a good feeling from beginning to end.

Even the effects are only neutral, not to some extent negative. Because they distort our perceptions of what we have an impact on.

We can have an impact on our own future, but we are not the only one who controls it. Big dreams aren’t bad, but the only way to achieve great dreams is not to establish these dreams. We are doing kindness and the return of it, not because of fate, karma, or divine justice, but we have met another person who intends to do good like us. So in summary, we have no chance or luxury to change the world around us, depending on the variables of our own happiness.

So what do we have? The only thing we have is to adopt the right way of life philosophy – that is, to look at life, to be as realistic as it is, and to avoid dreaming. In addition, to establish the right thinking and value systems for the realization of the conditions that are likely to create happiness in our environment and ourselves.


The world is sterile, clean, not full of goodness. On the contrary, there is any injustice (whether or not the tip is touching us), injustice, brutality, corruption, decay, pollution. Here is the biggest prize; those who succeed in seeing all this and do not curse life in themselves; tell the world is still full of goodness