Check Tricks To Enhance The Natural Beauty Of The Skin

Tips To Be Beautiful Without Using Makeup

Although makeup is an excellent ally to enhance natural beauty or disguise some details, it should not be a must in your daily life. Especially on your own marriage, Showing your face to the natural is also valid, but if you still feel insecure without the foundation or concealer, check out 8 tips that are sure to boost your self-esteem and make it even more beautiful!

Beautiful Without Using Makeup

Keep Your Skin Clean

The first step in any woman’s beauty should be skincare. Before disguising them with makeup, it is important to treat all problems that compromise the beauty of the dermis, such as excessive oiliness, acne and all kinds of blemishes. Therefore, the tip is to keep your face always clean and hydrated, with products such as micellar water or specific soaps to take care of your skin type.

Bet On The Power Of The Magic Blur

A great ally to disguise the open pores, fine lines and control the oiliness of the skin without using makeup is the Magic Blur, silicon-based skin straightener. Its formula penetrates into the finest grooves of the dermis, leaving it smooth, dry and with a velvety texture instantly.

Replace The Base With A Color Sunscreen

If you still don’t feel confident to face the world without foundation or concealer, the trick is to invest in colored sunscreen. The product does not clog the pores and still gives the skin a light coverage to disguise dark circles, pimples or blemishes, while moisturizing and protecting against ultraviolet radiation.

Arrange The Eyebrows

Arrange The Eyebrows

The eyebrows are the frame of the face and it makes a lot of difference to make them tidier when not wearing makeup. Epilating the wires is not mandatory, but it can help to lift the look, leaving you deeper and more awake. Invest in a specific brush for eyebrows and remember to always comb the strands up, to make them look more polished instantly.

Sleep 8 Hours A Day

It may seem silly, but beauty sleep is also essential to look flawless without makeup. When sleeping for a few hours, the skin appears tired, lack of vigor and, of course, the dreaded dark circles; therefore, make sure that you always sleep as long as necessary for the cells to regenerate.

Make A Facial Self-massage

Leaving the skin with a natural glow is also another tip to look even more beautiful without makeup. To achieve a bright and flushed effect without wearing makeup, it’s worth doing a facial self-massage every night before bed. The habit, which can be integrated into hydration care, not only relaxes but also helps to detoxify the face, contributing to a lush and less flabby skin.

Invest In A Curvex

Another trick that also helps to open your eyes and make your face look tidier is to highlight your lashes by curling them with a specific tool. Thus, the strands seem longer and bulky, delivering a more feminine and delicate look without wearing makeup.

Use A Roll-on To Eliminate Purposes

If you are one of those who always wakes up with super-dyed eyes and well-defined dark circles, there is a product that is perfect to combat this problem. It is not the concealer: it is the eye roll-on. Its formula, combined with the applicator with the metallic sphere, helps to attenuate these imperfections instantly, oxygenating the area while refreshing and deflating it.

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